Quality of Life

Curb-side Recycling

Implemented in 2018, the City of Ruston offers weekly curb-side recycling for residents inside city limits and in the nearby area for a nominal fee.

Public Parks

Under the direction of the Mayor and City Council, and guided by recommendations from a strong citizen Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, the staff of the Ruston Parks and Recreation Department (RPAR) provides the citizens of our community with life-enriching recreational opportunities, including quality recreational programs, events, and park experiences that improve the quality of life for all residents. Ruston's 11 public parks vary in features and are accessible from across the city.

Festive Downtown

Ruston’s Downtown, a Main Street America Community and a Cultural District, is the economic engine and core of our city. It is the heartbeat of our community with unique shopping, great restaurants, and beautifully restored historical buildings. Downtown Ruston, and specifically Railroad Park, is host to a number of events that range from festivals, art shows, concerts, and activities for everyone. It is where residents and visitors alike come together for fun.

Farmers Market

Ruston Farmers Market is a program of North Louisiana Farm Fresh (NLFF), a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The mission of NLFF is to provide direct producer to consumer sales opportunities, support the development of a local food network, and conduct educational outreach of sustainable agriculture, health, and nutrition throughout North Louisiana.

We are open all year round on Saturdays from 9 am-1 pm. We have a seasonal Tuesday market that runs from 5- 7 pm.

Supportive City

The City of Ruston strives to accommodate its proactive population with up-to-date information and quality services. The City has implemented an online utility billing system, educational videos on various city policies, and a walkable street development standard while it looks toward the future with Smart City advancement.

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